Date: 22-25.08. 2017
Place: Daut Pashin Hamam
Time: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.


Ineffable images and scenes stay with us much longer than expected. They speak to everyone without language or subtitles, and make us think. Since there is always someone to catch them on camera, they will never be lost – someone sees them, someone documents them, someone conveys them… and so they live. Camera follows the movements that cinematographers use to show what words cannot.

This year, MakeDox workshop “1 Picture, 1000 Words” focuses on visual narration and camera work. Shedding light on the roles and the collaboration between director and cameraperson, who are often the very same person, the workshop tries to answer when does the camerawork serve information and when interpretation? The 5-day workshop has been designed and will be led by Kristina Pervilä Andersson and Tue Steen Müller, who have been swimming in the waters of documentary most of their lives.

The workshop is envisaged as a free-of-charge series of master classes for anyone interested to hear at first-hand more inside stories about visual narration. Experience, values, ways films seduce, mistakes, choices and ways of film watching will be discussed in the company of film directors and directors of photography. They will all take us into their own worlds of filmmaking and film production by bringing closer their latest film visual narration selected for this year’s MakeDox festival program.

One story for each festival day. The gates of Daut Pashin Hamam are open to all storytellers, especially to cinematographers, directors and film students.

Workshop schedule

Day 1 (21 August): Master Class with Kristina Pervilä Andersson.

Invited filmmakers: Atanas Georgiev and Ilija Cvetkovski.

Day 2 (22 August): Master Class with Kristiina Pervilä Andersson.

Invited filmmakers: Brand Ferro and Ilona Bicevska.

Day 3 (23 August): Master Class with Tue Steen Müller. Invited filmmakers: Audrius Stonys and Salome Jashi. Showcase of examples from their films and talk.

Day 4 (24 August): Master Class with Tue Steen Müller. Invited filmmakers: Piotr Stasik and Miroslav Janek. Showcase of examples from their films and talk.

Day 5 (25 August): Master Class with Kristiina Pervilä Andersson and Tue Steen Müller. Discussion on themes picked from the previous days.


About Kristina Pervilä Anderson
Born in 1960 in Finland, Kristina has been working as an independent Finnish producer since 1988 and has produced and co-produced around 40 creative multinational feature documentaries for television and cinema, a wide range of international music productions and live recordings for stage and has coordinated guest performances of foreign opera houses in Finland and Sweden. In April 1999, she founded Millennium Film. Ever since then, she’s been also working as an analyst, expert, tutor, mentor and moderator in Eurodoc, the European Documentary Network (EDN) and in Chiledoc training programmes.


About Tue Steen Müller

The most famous expert on documentaries has never even touched a film camera. But it seems enough that he knows how documentaries change the world. For more than 20 years, he has worked as a commissioning editor, distributor and a film festival manager at the Danish Film Board. Head of the European Documentary Network for 10 years, he has also selected films and worked for numerous film festivals. As a renowned expert on modern Eastern European documentaries, today he teaches and consults film directors at workshops and various European film schools. He writes his observations on, a blog that has helped some little-known filmmakers find a wide audience.


Date: 20-22.08. 2017
Place: Kurshumli An
Time: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.


This year, 16 photography enthusiasts will travel back to the early beginnings of visual communication. Guided by Sasho N. Alushevski and MakeDox photo/video section, they will learn more about camera obscura, make their own photo cameras and even take some photos! Throughout these three-day long stories about this optical device and plays with light, they will all set off to explore the visual narration, free from the burden of technology.


Date: 19-25.08. 2017
Place: Kurshumli An
Time: 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.


Everyone has a story but not everyone wants to bring it to life and maybe touch someone else’s, seemingly different.

Everyone has a story but not everyone dares to give voice to it, and perhaps tell what might be someone else’s truth as well.

This is why storytellers matter so much. Without them, there would not be stories that grow big and strong, stories that give you goose bumps or inspiration, stories that make you think and fly far because they got wings… But, they sprouted at first, didn’t they? Can you think of a better place than MakeDox for your story to put out shoots and thrive?

This is the main reason behind this year’s creative documentary workshop “Docusprouts”. We envisaged it as a fantastic opportunity for the Magnificent Twelve, aged 15-18, to dive into the world of the documentary film. During this year’s Traveling cinema, festival edition and two autumn sessions, the MakeDox team and eminent docu-professionals will help the Magnificent Twelve perceive the freedom of the documentary thought, explore their own creativity, learn some film techniques and finally, make a short documentary film! And all of that thanks to the support from the National Endowment for Democracy from Washington.