On the 19th August, we’ll say farewell to the storks, give mention to Louis Daguerre’s invention, honor Sputnik, Belka, and Strelka and send our warm wishes to the Transformers. The following day will revive the ancient tradition, favoring us with grapes that we’ll savor as a praise to Dionysus.

Beyond seven seas, seven mountains, seven countries, seven bazaars, seven festivals and… well, you already know- you will find the eighth edition of MakeDox. If you wonder whether we’ve gotten over the hill or become passé, take a stroll to Kurshumli an. You’ll encounter our work embellished by free love and awe for any kind of passion.

We open the festival With Love, a homemade, organic product. Come and see the film Avec l’amour and enjoy the concert of Foltin !

The number of tickets is limited, so make sure you get yours on time!
(no, it’s not just a catchy sales phrase)

See you at MakeDox!