Just as Struga has its Drim (name of a river, a homophone of “dream”), we have a Drim, too! Our Drim is wide, clear, vigorous… and takes us to a myriad of journeys. Just like the eels, we encounter many obstacles that only make us stronger. Just like the eels, we find our way round all the human-made dams as we believe that one part of MakeDox’s mission is making “breakthroughs” on many different levels.
We have journeyed a long way with our travelling donkey and walked through numerous doors that opened for us, believing that we’ve also opened many doors, many times. Our projection screen reveals stories that stretch over a space whose rate almost aligns with the distance between the Bering Sea and the Globochica Lake.
No money can buy the pleasure of lying on a meadow, an improvised auditorium under a starry sky, while being surrounded by an audience of brand-new acquaintances who feel like long-time, fellow friends.
Maybe we don’t have a laurel wreath to offer but we surely have onion wreaths, moving pictures and impressions. The poetics of our MakeDox gang is often more ferocious than that of Miladinovci. This year, in their honor and full of nostalgic sentiments, we’ll pay an homage to Konstantin’s poetics, so each of us, with a pair of fresh eyes, can “see Ohrid and Struga.” *

• a line from the historically significant Macedonian poem “T’ga za Jug” (eng. Longing for the South) by Konstantin Miladinov, the founder of the modern Macedonian poetry.

MakeDox Traveling Cinema 2018

12.07. – Kalishta
13.07. – Radolishta
14.07. – Oktisi
15.07. – Mislodezhda
16-19.07. – Preparations for an eco-action

20.07. – Tashmarunishta
21-28.07. – An eco-action on the shore of the Lake Struga
21.07. – Radozhda
22.07. – Mali Vlaj
25.07. – Struga, Eco-docu-marathon

*MakeDox Travling Cinema is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency