Second night at Makedox, two premieres and once again, nearly all the seats were taken. We opened the Student program with the world premiere of Studants by Tamara Kotevska while the main program continued with the premiere of Beyond Borders by Peter Zach.
It was such a delight to see the audience helping and collecting chairs after the screenings.

Тhe student films appeared on the screen that waved like a sail in front of the Museum of Macedonia. We saw the making of the polystyrene figure of Jozef Votilja in Kurshumli An and discussed its story with Katarzyna Gondek, the author of Figure. We saw how Just Another Day in Egypt looks like, after the Arabian Spring. Our friends Peter, Jana and Thomas were with us, exposing a world Beyond Borders.
So many films and such a warmhearted energy on the second night at MakeDox 7th.
Frankly, we were afraid if the enormous venue would “swallow” us, but it turned out that Skopje is more than hungry for warm, cordial stories.
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