Makedox day four

A short warm-up in the morning and  the gear-wheels of our story ship start to propel.On the the fourth day, all participants of the storytelling workshops got on board on the steamship of MakeDox. The discussions under the fig tree were crowded with people waiting to try our triple-garlic eggplant spread. The Siberian Floating Hospital joined our convoy, while at the dock was Jamie’s Fight . Two Brothers had boarded with their remarkable visual narration and we learnt Something About Life. Тhe water field around us convinced us that Goldfish Swim Better Under the Rain, and our prejudices over any kind of Silicone Love broke down.Our deck band Toni Kitanovski and Cherkezi played in the small hours of the evening, exuding a soft melancholic atmosphere seasoned with some gallant garlic breath on top.

Our duty navy that patiently waited for the sunrise, exclaimed: I see a shore before us! 
Neatly handing over the shift, they saluted the rising dawn, reminding us that God is great. Then came another smear of the gear-wheels, 
a preparation for the journey that awaits. We’re looking forward to share our new adventures with you…