Away from the convenience and the summer’s swelter in Skopje, but not too far from the half-emptied city streets, our documentary stories reach the rural corners throughout the country. That is how one of MakeDox most romantic stories goes on – that of our Traveling Cinema.

There’s a lot to be told but words seem to fail us, as if they want to play hide and seek, so we barely find some to catch the singularity of the traveling experience, the uniqueness of the life with no stress, haste and online talks. There, in the small places with names that we often discover for the first time, we encounter eyes that gaze with curiosity, lips that talk even when silent, smiles that turn into memories… but we also meet with ourselves, as we see our reflection in other kinds of mirrors, out in the open where the air is differently fresh and the stars shine bright and clear.
This year, our Traveling Cinema sets off to the region of Makedonski Brod and Poreche; D-Fest on the shore of Dojran Lake is among its first stops. A romantic story worth remembering!

Schedule:  12.07. – Krapa ; 14 – 16.07. – D-Fest;  18.07. – Devich; 19.07. – Creshnevo; 20.07. – Trebino;

22.07. – Lokvica;  23.07. – Brest; 24.07. – Kosovo; 25.07. – Manastirec

The Traveling Cinema 2017 is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency