MakeDox in Classroom

After a two-year long research and training in the use of audiovisual content in formal and informal education, by the end of 2012 MakeDox developed and produced its first educational toolkit titled “MakeDox in Classroom”. Offering 15 films and a handbook on the use of documentaries in high-school curricula during classes in Civic Education and Sociology, it obtained a positive recommendation from both the Ministry of Science and Education and the Bureau for Development of Education for its implementation in all high schools in the country.
In 2013/2014 MakeDox trained 122 Sociology and Civic Education teachers who have been implementing this program in 62 high schools in 25 Macedonian cities. New set of films and handbook was published in 2016 and additional 18 schools were involved. Thanks to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).