Two months before this year’s festival story starts to unravel, we invite you to sign up for a unique workshop experience, one that has to do with the early beginnings of visual communication. We will not only learn more about camera obscura in general but will also take photos with photo cameras that we will make ourselves. Some of the photos will get to be part of an exhibition, too! We will set off to explore the visual narration, free from the burden of technology.

Led by by Sasho N. Alushevski and the photo/video section of MakeDox, the workshop will take place for at least three hours per day, during three festival days. As many as 16 people can come on board, regardless of one’s age or photography experience. If you want to be part of it, tell us why and something more about yourself in a short motivation letter! Don’t forget to send it at before 20 July 2017.