The films that were canceled yesterday (Sunday, 20 August 2017) due to bad weather conditions and weren’t screened IN FRONT OF Kurshumli an, are going to be screened in the following venues and dates:

21.08- Monday

Cinematheque of Museum of Macedonia

05:00 p.m- VERGOT
06:00 p.m- 69 MINUTES OF 86 DAYS (“Special Mention” at this year’s DokuFest festival in the category of international documentary films)

Kurshumli An

09:00 p.m- the student’s doc MAKENZY will be screened instead of the short doc THE DIVER

22.08.2107 Tuesday

In front of Kurshumli an

08:30 p.m- a screening of the short doc THE DISINHERITED prior the film GOGITA’s NEW LIFE
10:30 p.m.- a rerun screening of the short doc CUCLI in the presence of it’s author prior the film BLUEBERRY HILL

In case of bad weather conditions, the films scheduled IN FRONT OF Kurshumli an are going to be screened at the cinematheque of Museum of Macedonia and the audience attending the films scheduled at Kurshumli an will be able to watch the films under the eaves of the venue.